Trijunção Manifesto

You are about to set off on an incredible journey through the paths of the Cerrado in the heart of Brazil. Unforgettable days. You will experience the discovery of one of the richest biomes in the world and still enjoy the high standard of hospitality and services for which the group overseeing the pousadas is renowned.

Our experiences cultivate in-depth contact with nature, safaris, bird-watching, bike trails and stargazing, just to name a few. With them, we will take you from a state of incessant awakening and satiating curiosities to an unfamiliar and pleasant sense of belonging to that yet-unknown universe.

But we are far from being the only protagonists of this narrative since the Cerrado may capriciously surprise you with moments that whisk you away from our programmed routine. A stunning sunset, a cloud of fireflies that blends in with a skyful of stars—even the moonrise on the horizon leaves us breathless. “All inclusive.”

By your stay’s end, we are convinced that you will take home much more than memories and selfies.

You will leave with a newly imagined Cerrado. A vision from your own experience, not one of clichés and preconceptions.

You will bring the enchantment for the culture, for the landscapes and for and the seemingly infinite diversity of the fauna and flora home with you.

And what is most important to our purpose: it will lead to an understanding of the importance and a deep and true desire to preserve this biome—the Cerrado.