The most charming village in Bahia was founded in the 16th century by Portuguese settlers and since that time has been winning the hearts of those who come here.

Its exuberant nature, its cozy climate and its tranquility make it the favourite destination of those who want to restore their energies without giving up sophistication.


It is impossible not to be enchanted by quiet beaches, such as Espelho (Mirror), or more wild, like Ponta de Itaquena. Another well-known point is Quadrado, where colourful constructions that houses shops and restaurants make the joy of the tourists after the beach, and the Church of St. John the Baptist, affectionately nicknamed “Quadrado’s Little Church”, receives the most exclusive wedding ceremonies in the entire country.

And it is in Trancoso – and through our own Natural Reserve (30 minutes from the Pousada Tutabel) – that runs the first mapped river of the country, that could not have received another name than the one of our homeland: Rio do Brasil.

And as if that were not enough, Trancoso still has one of the most charming Pousadas in all of Bahia: Pousada Tutabel.

Getting Here


Porto Seguro airport is located 80 km from Trancoso and receives daily flights from various regions of the country. It also has car rental support, for the guest who wishes to drive by herself/himself to Pousada Tutabel.


Leaving the airport, take a ferry to Arraial d’Ajuda. The crossing lasts about 10 min and is available 24h. Upon arriving in Arraial the guest can come by taxi, bus or van to Trancoso.


The trip to the Pousada Tutabel, leaving from the airport of Porto Seguro, takes approximately 1:30h. If you are coming from Salvador, Minas Gerais and other regions, you should access BR-101 (to Eunápolis), then BA-367 (Porto Seguro direction) entering BA-001 (direction Trancoso). Trancoso is 1007 km from Rio de Janeiro and 1341 km from São Paulo.

Either way, let us know and we’ll be happy to help you!