Pousada Trijunção connects guests to the Cerrado in a unique way.

Immersive experiences from sunrise to starry nights to discover the surrounding fauna, flora and wildlife. Activities include wildlife viewing and immersion in the biome, guided by expert guides and biologists.

To live the experiences the pousada offers is to understand the word safari, which comes from the Swahili language and means "journey" - which in turn comes from the Arabic سفر (safara), which means "trip". For Trijunção, a safari is an immersive journey into the Cerrado.

  • 01

    Maned wolf sighting with Onçafari

    The opportunity to see the maned wolf in the wild, the symbol of the Cerrado, is a unique experience. Led by the Onçafari project, the tour takes place in an open car and is accompanied by a guide.

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  • 02


    Birdwatching, guided by a qualified biologist, is one of Trijunção’s specialties, as more than 250 species of birds have been catalogued on the property. The Cerrado sky is full of life and color.

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  • 03

    Dwarf caiman nocturnal sighting

    One of the world’s smallest crocodiles is also a reptile that plays an important role in maintaining waterways and controlling species. The dwarf caiman has nocturnal habits, so the adventure begins just after sunset.

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  • 04

    Visit to the Conservation Breeding Center

    The discovery of history so far. An effort for the future that we want to achieve in this conservation project in partnership with the Pousada Trijunção.

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  • 05

    Fat Bikes

    Riding a bike along the roads of Fazenda Trijunção, whether at high speed or just listening to the birdsong and nature, is definitely a unique experience.

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  • 06

    Kayaking on the Lagoa das Araras

    Kayaking on the Lagoa das Araras, where the Rio Formoso originates, is a remarkable opportunity to experience the tranquility and scenic beauty of the Cerrado.

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  • 07

    Sunrise at Lagoa das Araras

    Another day is dawning in the Cerrado and the sunrise at Lagoa das Araras will be unforgettable. The sky is still dark as guests leave the pousada for the lagoon.

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  • 08

    Sunset at the Trijunção viewpoint

    The experience of celebrating the sunset from three places at once. From the top of an escarpment, the viewpoint offers a panoramic view of the red walls of the mountains.

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  • 09

    Botanical Walk

    A walk through the flora of the Cerrado, guided by a biologist specialized in botany. The trail offers a true “sensory journey” through the colors, aromas, textures and charms of some of the region’s species.

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  • 10

    Crossing the Sussuarana

    A crossing on the Goiás side of the Trijunção. Creating an incomparable bond with the Cerrado, the crossing is 4.9 km long and has the full company of a guide.

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  • 11

    Grande Sertão Veredas Park

    The Fazenda Trijunção forms an ecological corridor with the park. Along the way there are closed Cerrado areas, fields and veredas. There is the possibility to observe different animals.

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