We share the belief that Sustainability projects should host people in order to inspire them.

Currently with less than 50% of the original Cerrado area in Brazil and it is estimated that 150 species of animals are at risk of extinction due to destruction or damage to their habitat. The jaguar, the ocelot, the anteater, the maned wolf and the gray eagle are among these species, but they live here on Fazenda Trijunção free, protected and reproducing.

Fazenda Trijunção believes in the responsibility of each of us to preserve nature and has on its property a breeding ground for wild animals for conservation purposes.

Carefully and respectfully, our team assists in their survival under suitable conditions of captivity and develops studies on their biology and reproduction, leaving them apt and ready for future reintroduction into nature. In our conservationist breeding ground we have tapirs, caterpillar deer, emus, peccary, and jabutis.

Pousada Trijunção has solar panels for water heating and low energy lighting through the use of LEDs.

In addition, the flooring of all the balconies and suites is of demolition wood, and the decoration is largely done by artisans from the region, using materials collected in a sustainable way in the Cerrado, such as bark and branches, dead trees and fallen leaves and fruits.

Decoration also considered plants from Cerrado, or species that adapt well to the region, contributing, along with the created water mirror, to naturally reduce the ambient temperature as a whole, limiting the need for air conditioning and attracting wild birds to the surroundings of the Pousada.

Most of our staff is made up of residents of the region and, by promoting it as an ecotourism destination, Pousada Trijunção helps the Cerrado to face one of the greatest challenges and opportunities in conservation today – giving economic value to the preserved nature.